Build Your Own Box Environment

Cloud File Sharing is hardly a new concept and has been leveraged for a years by numerous file sharing sites for individual consumers.  File sharing, while a valuable service, lacks a number of key ingredients required for corporate file sharing including user authentication, security, ACL control, manageability, world class encryption and seamless integration into IT environments.  The use of Public Cloud Storage has also been a concerned for IT administrators and have prompted the following questions: How do I access my data? Can I trust the Storage Vendor? Is Cloud Storage reliable? How do I know my data is secure?

To answer these questions, BridgeSTOR has created the Coronado Cloud Server which was designed from its inception to fill the needs of IT professionals. Combined with Microsoft Active Directory and the Coronado Global View Manager it's now possible to build your own Secure, Real Time Corporate File Sharing environment that provides flexibility and functionality for users to store and access data to and from Cloud Storage anywhere on the planet.