S3 Edge Cache

Coronado S3 Acceleration Server

Cloud storage has numerous advantages such as a lower cost off ownership, embedded disaster recovery and multi-site access.  These advanced Cloud Functions come at a cost - namely latency. The overhead of S3 combined with slower communication lines to the cloud slow down file processing.  Users are frustrated saving files as the hour glass stays on the screen longer.  To overcome these challenges, BridgeSTOR has created the Coronado S3 Edge Cache.

The Coronado S3 Edge Cache has been designed to eliminate performance issues by acting as a sophisticated HTML edge cache. Traditional edge cache devices only save HTML header content so similar requests are handled closer to the users and users have less interaction with web servers. The Coronado S3 Acceleration Server is “S3 REST Aware” so the content sent and returned from the Cloud Storage will be cached closer to the users.  Sophisticated background threads then move the data to Cloud Storage reducing latency for all users.  The Coronado Cloud Storage Servers communicate with the S3 Acceleration Server allowing for quick access to frequently accessed files and the Coronado View Manager is used to lock other Cloud Servers from the file data until all data successfully arrives into the Cloud Storage.

Coronado S3 Edge Cache Features