Cloud Backup Server

Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server

The Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server has been designed for Backup Administrators that require Local or Cloud Storage for their internal backup software. The Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server exports S3, Windows File Shares, NFS mount points or FTP for fast access to cloud storage. Backup software components such as servers and agents may run directly on the box allowing the easiest and most efficient way to send backup data to Cloud Storage. The Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server also accelerates data to Cloud Storage by using multiple background threads which transfers data fast and efficiently to the cloud. This feature combined with hi-speed disk helps reduce backup windows and may also be used for easy migration to S3 or Glacier. All that is required is the bucket/blob credentials and the endpoint address of the storage device. Simple to Install, the Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server may be deployed in less than 30-minutes.

The Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server is highly integrated with Active Directory adding user authentication and access control ACL's to your Cloud Storage environment. After connecting to a share, Backup Administrators may use a simple drive letter from Windows or Linux/Unix environments to easily and securely share Cloud Storage while other users may still use other directories in the Cloud without accessing the backup data.

Enhanced Veeam & Backup Support

The Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server has been developed on the Linux CentOS 7 operating system which allows Veeam and other backup applications to place propriety software agents inside the appliance. These agents use internal proprietary protocols and typically out perform SMB or NFS. The Veeam agent accepts backup data and believes it's writing to a standard Linux drive while it's actually writing it directly into the Cloud Storage achieving fast accelerated backup and recovery.

Rio-2 Cloud Backup Server