Technology Overview

“The future of data access lies in the Cloud.”
     John Matze, CEO, BridgeSTOR, LLC

The vision of storing data in the Cloud is rapidly transforming to the reality of storing all data in the Cloud – including primary, secondary and of course archival data.

If history repeats itself, Cloud adoption is expected to parallel the adoption of other storage technologies like Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SAS. Early adopters go for the “new stuff”, but they are also clever enough to deploy the “new stuff” in non-critical applications – like backup. And although the company names you hear the most about as Cloud Providers – Amazon, Google, and Microsoft – are open to storing petabyte quantities, it is a good bet that most data today deployed in the Cloud is backup data.

At the heart of BridgeSTOR’s intellectual property is the Cloud Storage File System (CSFS). CSFS was designed from the ground up for optimized transmission over networks. While the price of disk and Cloud Storage is consistently going down, the cost of bandwidth and offsite services remains stubbornly inelastic. It’s time to rethink data access.

In addition to reducing the amount of data stored in the Cloud, BridgeSTOR’s CSFS optimizes the transmission of all types of data destined for Cloud Storage.