Global Namespace

Enterprises and large institutions must often manage complex document workflow between multiple locations. Cloud Storage offers the advantage of a convenient central location for data storage but lacks file system options for securely sharing files and their metadata. In other words, it’s important for a file that is opened and modified in one location to be immediately available in a different location once the file is closed. Another challenge occurs when a user edits a file in one city, thereby denying access to others trying to work on the same file. BridgeSTOR resolves these issues with file versioning and soft file deletion, allowing each change to be saved independently.


Global Namespace: Users may view and access the same file system anywhere in the world.

Global Viewing of Files

The BridgeSTOR Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager allows for easy file viewing from any location on the planet. Once a Coronado V-NAS Global Access Point is deployed, it receives most of its parameters from Cloud Storage. One of the parameters is the address of the Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager, which immediately exposes the existing Global File View to the Coronado V-NAS Global Access Point. Coronado V-NAS Global Access Point users may immediately participate with other users in the corporate environment. Combine the Global File View with Active Directory authentication to achieve a secure and easily manageable global storage environment.

Global Access

BridgeSTOR allows true global access to all of your files stored in the Cloud. The Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager combined with Active Directory or LDAP authentication allows users to securely and easily manage all data from any corporate location. As a file is modified in one location, it’s possible to actually see the file size grow in another location. Once the file is closed, it becomes immediately available to all Coronado V-NAS Global Access Points. No metadata replication or special handling is required.

The Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager

BridgeSTOR’s Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager manages all CSFS metadata and only ships as a Virtual Machine. You decide whether to place the Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager in a Public Cloud environment or in an existing Virtual Machine cluster. The Coronado V-NAS Global Access Points require TCP access to the Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager. During normal file operations, CSFS not only writes the data to Cloud Storage, but also creates a backup of all its metadata. BridgeSTOR leverages the durability of Cloud Storage to maintain its own backup in the event of a catastrophic failure of the Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager. A new Virtual Machine may be started and a BridgeSTOR system tool will copy all the metadata from Cloud Storage into the new Virtual Machine. This is our “belt and suspenders” approach to ensure the availability of your valuable data.