Coronado V-NAS for Enterprise

BridgeSTOR’s Coronado V-NAS for Enterprise is a scalable NAS solution designed for multi-site, multi-region or global file access. The Coronado V-NAS for Enterprise solution includes a Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager and two Coronado V-NAS Global Access Points as Virtual Machines or optional hardware. The Coronado V-NAS Global View Manager acts as a central metadata controller, supplying all file and directory listings, global deduplication lookup, Windows ACL storage, global file locking and other background services required for global NAS environments. Coronado V-NAS Global Access Points are stateless servers that supply global users existing file-based protocols including SMB, NFS and SFTP and may be installed and configured in less than 30-minutes. The Coronado V-NAS architecture is a distributed model, allowing Coronado V-NAS Global Access Points to be placed where required for performance or multiple user access. Each Coronado V-NAS Global Access Point has multiple caching options which include a read-only cache; a read-write asynchronous cache which reduces cloud latency or no cache at all. BridgeSTOR technology is also cloud storage agnostic. For the first time, IT Administrators may now have the same NAS interface with exchangeable backend storage platforms supplied from multiple storage vendors.

Global File System

Global Namespace: View and access the same file system anywhere in the world.

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