Coronado FastLane

Coronado FastLane is a NAS product designed for the fast ingest of files from local Windows or NFS servers into Cloud or Object Storage. Traditional ingest of files can be frustrating as users must use 3rd party tools or build their own cloud-based applications to migrate files into the Cloud. The Coronado FastLane provides high-speed ingest of files of any size into Cloud and Object Storage over a standard NAS share. Just drag and drop your files from servers or workstations directly into Cloud Storage. Coronado FastLane has been designed for humans, but is also ideal for Backup Applications or any other application that requires data to be moved quickly and efficiently into the Cloud. All files are stored as Native Objects, allowing files to be easily accessed by Coronado FastLane, existing applications or web-based applications.

How does it work?

Traditional transfers of data are dependent on the physical wire speed between the data location and the Cloud Storage. This causes applications and users to wait for long periods of time before all files have been entered into the system. Coronado FastLane utilizes local disk which could be SAS, SATA or SSD to help remove latency. All Files are written directly to local disk while background processes send data into the Cloud in parallel. This parallel processing allows multiple files to be in transit simultaneously which dramatically increases file transfer speeds. Leveraging disk also helps remove a substantial amount of latency and allows applications and users to complete jobs faster to free up resources. Once the data has been successfully sent to the Cloud, the local copy of the file will be removed. Memory and threads are easily configured by the Administrator.

Once Coronado Fastlane has been successfully installed, simply map a drive letter to your Coronado Appliance and drag and drop files into the Cloud. All files dropped into this drive will be automatically sent to your storage at incredible speed. Your storage can be viewed and accessed locally while realizing the benefits of high-speed file ingest into the Cloud.

Delivery Method

Coronado FastLane is delivered as an OVF or VHD virtual appliance compatible with VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual Box or Linux KVM. Disk is required and should be large enough to handle your largest ingest of storage.

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